MIC training: Modern data analysis in R/RStudio

Maciej DobrzyƄski (Institute of Cell Biology, University of Bern)
November 3, 2020

Roadmap for this workshop

The first part will demonstrate:

  1. Resources with R courses/tutorials,
  2. Basic programming concepts,
  3. Working with RStudio,
  4. Brief intro to data.table & ggplot2,
  5. Functions, testing, profiling, debugging,
  6. Vectorization,
  7. Parallel computations,
  8. Command-line parameters

R notebook with the code.

During the second part we will process time-series data from a time-lapse microscopy experiment. We will:

  • load data, merge different data sources,
  • clean missing data and outliers,
  • plot different data cuts,
  • perform hierarchical clustering,
  • validate clusters.

Intermediate datasets throughout the workshop:

PDF with an introduction to datasets.

Notebook with the practical session.

Relevant R packages


Extension of base R's data.frame structure.

Fast data manipulation with a concise SQL-like syntax.

Check out the vignette for an introduction and Advanced tips and tricks with data.table for expanding your knowledge.